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Hey, I'm Stu Setch, the dude behind

I voice tons of web videos, radio and TV commercials and all other kinds of cool stuff for a living. Basically, if you're in need of a voice over from someone who sounds real...sounds like having a chat with your buddy, or if you're in need of someone a bit goofy who can bring something different and unique to your project then I'm your guy.

That said, I totally understand that I may not be the male voice over you're looking for. I own an audio production house as well, and I work with a ton of talented folks! I've got a few other world class male voice over talents on my roster. I vouch for all of these guys...we've been working together for years. I have been producing and casting voiceovers for every kind of audio project imaginable for the last decade and I know what it takes to create the perfect final product.

Oh, and as far as the audio production thing...I still do that too! So, if you're wanting a finished product with all the bells and whistles just let me know. Our team will make it happen.


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Umm. Pretty self explanatory. Click to check out some of my recent voiceover work



This is a small, elite roster comprised of some of the best male voiceover artists in the world. No Joke.

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Learn more about my production skillz. Complete mixing and mastering of Radio and TV spots, web videos, in arena presentations, etc...

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Looking for a little less “testosterone” in your project? Check out the Female Voice Talent on our sister site!

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or give me a shout at the studio at 250.275.4778.

(I'm on Pacific Standard Time and I'm around weekdays after 9am...)